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Zbigniew Kargol

Painter & Sculptor


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Zbigniew Kargol born 1960 in Okocim, a small town located 50 km from the historic city of Krakow. The village of Okocim is famous for beer production, so my parents used to go to work in this plant. There were seven of us, two sisters and five brothers, while I was playing, I picked up nice stones and drew them one by one and something came out. So I started to draw more because it got me hooked very quickly. I went to the sub-school school, so I painted drawings for the tasks that the teachers were satisfied with the school, and I always got good grades from the drawings, which confirmed me that I had already chosen a way of life, so I started drawing, painting and then carving wood, and finally my interest turned to stone, where I hired on monuments as a stonemason and sculptor.


The company sent me to various places where we restored the monuments, then I started to travel abroad to Austria Italy Germany Netherlands France Switzerland I gained knowledge by often visiting museums and churches looking at the works of great masters. I often painted pictures in my youth, where I sold a few dozen paintings, I also painted battle paintings, but this did not convince me to continue painting, so I had to look for my own style and theme, and when I did it all, I started to do exhibitions in Krakow in Tarnow and Warsaw, which I liked During this time, I gained the viewers more courage to show them more in front of the audience for the idea for the size of these works, for the colors and, above all, for the creative idea.

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