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Take control of your data

Finally, a solution that puts the control of your personal data into the your hands. 

What is WeAppan?

WeAppan is a decentralized application concept that enables connections between a user's wants or offerings with others looking for that information in real-time (Data Matching), as a result of our users sharing their data, WeAppan will manage and market the user's secured information so that they make an Income from this data usage (UDI-Universal Data Income) with their consent. This platform is called Infomediary, or Mid- Mediator of individual data. Our mission is to optimize each user's life purpose to its fullest, in order to optimize the global community and planet to co-create empowerment together.    

About WeAppan


Mediator of Individual Data and Universal Data Income

Mid: (Mediator of Individual Data). It will secure your data and privacy, you will own and manage your data, you'll begin earning an income from your data (UDI), and be connected to everyone, everything, everywhere, so that everyone benefits.


To better understand the concept of a Mid, check out the videos below featuring Jaron Lanier. 

UDI: Universal Data Income will be a decentralized online payment system structured through the combined technologies of WeAppan/Holochain and implemented in order to directly pay all users, or members the majority of WeAppan's advertising revenue and the user's potential monetary data value in exchange for those members sharing their information through the platform.

People + Data + WeAppan = Data Dignity = People Power

Global businesses and markets can benefit by forming new partnerships with customers in matters of information capture and privacy. Consumers are losing patience with companies that use personal data about buying habits, income levels, and credit card usage for corporate gain.


 What consumers need is a new kind of business -- an information intermediary or infomediary -- to protect customers' privacy while maximizing their information assets. Companies playing the infomediary role will become agents of customer information, marketing such data to businesses on consumers' behalf and protecting consumer privacy.


In the 1999 book called Net Worth: Shaping Markets when Customers Make the Rule, John Hagel and Marc Singer identifies the convergence of commerce, technology, and consumer frustration " as the incubator for the infomediary business, as consumers seek to release their personal information only when they can receive value in exchange for their data."

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We want to hear from you

If you'd like more info about WeAppan and how you can play a role in lobbying to put the control of data into the hands of the individual, get in touch! We'd love to hear from you! 

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We want to hear from you !
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