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Welcome to our Viewing Room

Modern Workspace

Our Shared Vision

Whilst most will agree "Art is in the Eye of the beholder"

We try to take this concept a step further !!

This is why we have created a new Space for our valued collectors.  As we are living in turbulent times globally, where personal interactions are difficult, sometimes even frowned upon and so you are left with limited options in order to view piece of Art & even more difficult to visualise "How your Art Purchase might look in your Home, Office etc...

MESSAGE US  -  Tell us about which artist interests you and which piece of his or her Art Creation you are thinking about buying !


Our Expert Art Curation team will be more than happy to discuss your personal artistic needs.


Simply Call or email to receive a follow up ASAP. 

Please don't be afraid to leave us a message with your contact details as we endeavour to respond to all calls and emails with a 48hr turnaround time, assuming it is not at the weekend or a public holiday...Please note at these times our response may be a little slower !


Best wishes


Admin Team

Unlike Our Artist's directory section....Here we give you an opportunity to see a selection of the latest works from our artist community.  We hope that you like what you see and that you may be prompted to want to buy a piece for your home, office, gallery or inside spaces? 


If you do have any questions about any of the artwork on site, feel free to get in touch we will be happy to discuss your needs further.

Give us a call: 469-389-0304

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