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About being an IAA

As an Independent Art Agent you will be a person who is capable of professionally representing our artists and helping them promote and sell their artwork. You'll act as a liaison between the artist and potential buyers, galleries, and other venues where artwork can be displayed and sold.


Our Independent Art Agent, you will work as a freelancer to be the face of our Agency in your Country or Region and your aim will always be to helps our artists develop their careers, build their reputation and create opportunities for them to exhibit their work!  


As an independent art agent, you must have knowledge of the art industry, including current trends, the value of artwork, and the art market. You must also have excellent communication skills to effectively negotiate deals and build relationships with artists, buyers, galleries, and other industry professionals.

Some of the key responsibilities of an  Independent Art Agent includes:

  1. Promoting and marketing artists and their work through various channels such as social media, art fairs, and exhibitions.

  2. Identifying and developing relationships with potential buyers, collectors, and galleries.

  3. Assisting potential buyers find their chosen Artist, Genre or Art style.

  4. Assisting local artists understand our plans, fees and Agency terms, which may also include, managing contracts, logistics, and shipping of artwork.

  5. Advising artists on their career development, such as creating a portfolio, photographing their work to aid saleability, helping them design their profile page or Art Store, using our Store design form

  6. Explaining and helping them to grow their own personal network and deal with other external professionals.

  7. Providing feedback and guidance on artistic direction, style, and presentation.

  8. Staying up-to-date on industry trends, market changes, and new opportunities.

Becoming a Linicomn Richardson Agent:

As a Linicomn Richardson - Independent Art Agent we typically require you to have a background in Art, Marketing, or Business.  Ideally, we expect that you will have a degree in art history, fine arts, or a related field can be helpful, but we will judge each applicant on a case-by- basis, therefore your qualification is less important to us tan you experience and ability to do the job.

Our Independent Art Agents may also be one of our Represented Artists and use their agent / marketing skills to help others and at the same time get part or all of their own fees paid through their efforts as one of our I.A.A's.

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