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Abstract figurative artist

Shirly Maimon


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my name is Shirly and I am from Tel Aviv. I have been a painter and a graphic designer for the past 10 years. 

I live, dream and breathe art. I draw inspiration from my love for people and life, and it is expressed with a lot of freedom, movement, and a variety of strong colors.


I started painting when I was a kid, and the colors released feelings and sensations that were bottled up inside of me. Each layer is a vast world of its own, and I call my abstract paintings ”Layers of Emotions”. I find my muse everywhere, in my experiences, my surroundings, and my observations. Nature is always opening for me a gate of other ideas and creative dimensions.

Alongside painting, I used to dance a lot, and even dreamed about being a Dancer.  Today I realized that in my paintings, I express my movements through brush and paint. 

Feel free to explore my inspirations and movement with me through my artwork. Each piece has an interesting and different life story.

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