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Meet some of our Artists

We offer artists a wholistic approach to their representational needs,

which in turn ensures that, they can remain focused on creating new works for sale!

Below we have listed just some of the more popular services we currently offer our represented artist:

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Artists Writing


Advice about 

Security of Artists' Work

Industry Updates

Our Staff are in regular contact with Art galleries, bloggers, consultants & industry leaders to find out about what the latest trends are & how we can use the information to help increase our market share.

We don't leave the Artist's personal or data security to chance. We endeavour to help them identify any weak areas, so that their data remains safe.

Our team can help our represented artists create concise Artist Summaries to ensure that potential buyers can gain a better understanding, both of the artists & their creations.

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Our simple affordable professional membership plans, help free up the artists', in order for them to be able what they are best at ! And leave the business of business to US!

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Events & Exhibitions

As part of our representation of our Art Members we actively seek out business partnerships & Collaborations with external industry businesses to help advance & promote our artists and their works.

Network & Community

Since our inception, we have grown our social media, art collectors, dealers, business connections and arts community generally into the thousands and it continues to grow almost daily.  We use these networks to add value and sales growth for our Art Members.

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A New Kind of Arts Agency


Linicomn Richardson - Fine Arts was founded by George Linicomn & Stacy Richardson with the aim to use their experience in the Arts & Design sector to benefit other creatives around the world.

The agency specializes in creating unique designs in a variety of mediums sure to inspire and help you create an environment that celebrates the wonders of life and evokes creativity and passion.


Whether its from a nostalgic & romantic perspective or a contemporary modern and abstract art, to the marvels of nature, you're sure to find something in the Linicomn Richardson collection to help you create a beautiful and aesthetically pleasing environment for your home or business.

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About our membership plans

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Why delay?  Check out membership today






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