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Welcome to our partners directory area

Here at the Linicomn Richardson - International Arts Agency, we believe that, unity in what we do gives strength to all whom we touch, whether you are an Artist, Collector or,  in this case one of our official partners.


In particular in the current climate of global uncertainty generally within business, we have found that there is power in partnership!  This is why, we foster collaboration among all our business contacts, and we encourage collaboration, which in turn leads to growth within all our business' & organizations.


Our goal for 2022 - 2025 is to sign up 50 organizations as...official  (L/R ) agency partners.


The “Basic Partnership” is based on cross promotion — we will list your business on our website, with a description of your organization, your logo, and a live link to your website, in exchange for your doing the same for us.


In addition, we will also promote your business or organization a further three times each year in our communications in exchange for your doing the same for Us.


In addition, we would love to explore presenting programs with you, including co-hosting events or developing new joint programs.

To find out more, please email our:


"Partnerships & Advertising  Co-ordinator - Eula Linicomn"


Mannin Consultancy Services
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