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 About the founder,

George Linicomn

George Linicomn Jr. was born in Los Angeles, California in 1972.

In 1992, he received his degree in Fashion & Design in Arlington, Texas, USA.

He has exhibited his artwork in the Dallas, Fort Worth area and internationally.

Shortly after graduating from fashion college George obtained a U.S. patent for his original jean design called Woven Jeans in 2002. Woven jeans were written about in Womens Wear Daily and a full page article on George's life as a artist/designer was featured in the Dallas Morning News in 2002, which subsequently caught the attention of Haggar Clothing Co. In Fort Worth, Texas.


Collective art was conceived and displayed for the first time in 1994 at a solo show held at the Texas Commerce Tower in Dallas. George's process for making art is called Collective Art. It's art that's publicly displayed in order that the public participates directly on the pieces, subsequently allowing the audience to become an important aspect of his creative process.


The concept for Collective art didn't mature until the early 2000's. George's decision to commit to only producing and showing Collective art lead to combining his art with the development of his current global project called, rooted in social activism and technology.

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Our Story

Originally founded by cousins George Linicomn & Stacy Richardson, with the help of George's Mom Eula.


The original Fine Arts business has grown into what it is today, namely an internationally recognised International Arts Agency which is currently experiencing an amazing growth in its membership, due in no small part to its founders George Linicomn and his marketing partners in the UK.  


George and Stacy's original vision of what was possible is now becoming a reality in artistic & business terms.


" We help to transform artists lives..."

Our community of like-minded artists, have confessed to us that, they have all begun their art careers with the viewpoint that... They never thought that, they could make a living following their passion and love of art.


Thanks to George and the Linicomn Richardson network of Art Collectors and Gallery partners, these artists are now feeling more content and are beginning to prosper financially.  But most of all, George's team are proud of the positive impact they are having on art world overall.

Everyday, we welcome new art members and enabling them to pursue their dreams and achieve their goals without the fear of financial failure, and without giving up on their love for art in pursuit of other meaningless and soulless careers.

Join us today!

To unite artists as "One Community."


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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