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Mixed Media Illustrator & Designer.

Massimiliano Gissi


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He was born on 19 September 1976 in Turin (Italy). From the earliest years of age Massimiliano has always had a feeling with colour and design.  In 1997 he enrolled at the IED (European Institute of Design) in Turin, graduating with full marks.  His masters were the artists Alex Ognianoff, Gian Cravero and Marco D’Aponte who helped him to grow in painting techniques.  Always fascinated by esotericism and mysteries, he decides to deepen these themes from a pictorial point of view.


Visionary artist, he feels colour in a very personal way. The sweet shades of his combinations change abruptly from warm to cold colours and from cold colours to warm colours. For him the basic design must be essential; the rest must be conveyed by the colour. He prefers

​the watercolour technique but in most cases, he tends to use mixed techniques to obtain the predetermined result, so in many works there will be a set of various chromatic expedients made both with acrylics, tempera, chalks, and coloured pencils and with sparkling finishes of glitters and vinavil (vinyl glue) .

His style strongly recalls Hindu and Aztec art. Strongly symbolist in the details, he leaves nothing to chance. Overall, there is a surreal impression of the composition, and everything he painted is there to give us a precise message.  There is a form of Spiritualism and Mysticism in his pictorial contexts.  His works in the last period have undergone a further change even if on the whole they always keep the same signature, from simple watercolours they have become multi-material works, in which, in addition to colour, any material, such

as plastic, fabrics and iron wire, is exploited. Thus, reaching a level of three-dimensionality of the work and of theatricality that aims to hit the viewer, letting the spectator enter the work itself.

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