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Lisa Pietras

Multimedia Artist

First generation American, I've been drawing, painting and taking photos for as long as I can remember. I was always that "artsy" type, but thought I had to get a "real" job to actually "be something" on and on I furthered my education and even became an attorney in 2 states, both state and federal court. But my love for the arts just cannot be suppressed. And even though I just myself as a mom of 3 young ones, they believe in me to share my art with the rest of the world.
In summary, I am a mom who loves art, trying to set a good example.... I hope along the way it is enjoyed by others.

The juxtaposition of the right and left brain marvels me. While I've excelled in science and math, it's the left side that fuels my soul and propels me to be a constant student, to continue to grow, and for each day to become just a little bit better in my artwork.

The common thread throughout all of her work is intense passion and daring nature to cross the boundaries exploring moral turtiptude. While some pieces may contain a greater number of colors, her artwork consistently celebrates the bandwidth of saturation and vibrancy. With a change of color and light, she opens a new world of exploration where a mundane object or action suddenly becomes magical, possible, and achievable.

There are many artists harping on the negative in our day to day, but I seek to focus on the beam of light hiding among disarray. For a moment, the viewer can escape their reality and allow their mind to rest and clear.  Emotions, tastes, sounds, and touch can all be expressed through the notion of a change in colour pallet.

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