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Keita Sany

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Keita Sany

Photo Realist Painter

Keita has now been painting his photo-realist figures since 2009 and has mainly focused on peoples facial expressions..

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As he was unable to play with other children, during this period he used to fill his days daydreaming and sketching things on rough papers. This was his inspiration to go to the local Art School of M'balmayo (IFA) and he graduated in 2008, where he was encouraged to keep studying hone his artistic ability.
In 2015, he went to live in the United Arab Emirates, where he found work as a painter artist on the King Sheikh Maktoum, project called “Bollywood Parks & Resorts” which was overseen by the prestigious company named Sim Leisure Gulf Contracting LLC...
Keita’s work was so well received that, he was given an award for the best fine artist that year in that company !


In 2014, he began to experiment with colours and in particular painting styles, it was at this time that, he started to paint faces in pop colours styling, to explain the racial issue which are dominating our world. The juxtaposition of colours to create his masterpieces, vividly demonstrate to the world that, ”No matter what colour man got.. we got to be strong and beautiful..!”
His childhood trauma of having someone pushing him into a river, has stayed with him through his life and caused what Keita described as “ a burnout” this triggered in him a fascination with water.
He describes it as follows: “I feel deep in the scene that happened in my childhood ( someone)..I still have that scene randomly playing in my mind. I then started to paint the mystic speech of water and I got a lot of dreams warning me that the next war will be the ''Water War''..that’s why I wake the humanity totally Water Speaks.. Listen !

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