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Impressionist Painter

Kehinde Williams


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Kehinde Williams (b. 1997) is a self-taught visual artist born in the western region and currently based in Lagos, Nigeria. In the past few years, Kehinde has served as an art tutor for young children and has also participated in a number of group exhibitions in Lagos, Nigeria. He is currently studying Building Construction course at the University of Lagos, Nigeria.
His works address sociocultural beliefs, economic and political issues in contemporary Nigerian society. Kehinde’s intention is to invite viewers to his mind with his black figures and gestures as an avenue to connect deeply to his work. He is an expressionist that enjoys the flexibility of acrylics exploring net-like textures connected to each other in figures, demonstrating his personal struggles and pressures in life. Being inspired from early works of Chris Ofili and Wangechi Mutu, he draws inspiration from personal experiences and surroundings.

Kehinde’s work pushes art lovers to ask questions and at the same time gives answers society tries to keep away from public discourse. With acrylic medium as his tool, he creates mesmerizing art with forms, composition and balance. This texture style aims to allow understanding of personal experience just from a glance of his work.

His recent body of work series titled ‘The tangling series’ (pain in the neck) which the idea was to to speak a language in visual representation using texture as the main element of discussion. After few months of research and experimentation, Kehinde understands the behaviour of acrylic medium as not just a medium itself but also as material due to its feature. 
He participated in the Rele young contemporary boot camp training which held between 17th to 28th of August 2020. He also participated alongside with other artists that exhibited virtually after the program. Kehinde’s work was selected for a review at ARTXLAGOS REVIEW 2020 Program.

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