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Multi-disciplinary Artist

Kateryna Repa


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Kateryna Repa was born in 1979 , Odessa (Ukraine). Graduated from Odessa Hydrometeorological University. Lives and works in Odessa.  Works with painting, graphics, media art, sculpture and art objects. She also participates in personal and collective exhibitions in London, Berlin, Italy, USA, South Korea, Ukraine etc. Works are in private collections. She participated in the Falling Shadow project in the gardens of Giardini at the 58th Venice Biennale, as well as in the jury of international art competitions in Israel and Russia. In 2020, she was awarded the third International Prize “Leonardo da Vinci” as a universal artist in Florence.   In 2016, she published a printed and electronic book, The Adventures of Lucinda. Participated in the open Eurasian creative festival. Nominee of the National Literary Award "Writer of the Year 2015". In 2019, she was awarded the Alexander Pushkin medal, and also founded the eponymous brand of women's clothing and accessories.

My project “Skeleton as an ecosystem” of the integrity of nature. The paintings depict the shape of a skeleton consisting of sticks, tree roots, butterflies, butterfly dolls and flowers. This shows that in fact we are all part of nature. And the message is to think about the pollution (destruction) of nature and the possibility of reducing consumption.        


"In the works of Kateyna Repa, there is a constant search for a connection with nature, which we have explored so far, but we begin to see inside it the first forms, the first anatomical figures. With the play of lines and colors, the artist offers us alternative ecosystems. The bearers of these worlds are skeletons, people, but also, like in this case, animals; like in a dream, through the transposition of bone elements, twigs, roots of trees, flowers and butterfly wings become. Evidence of how every element of nature is interconnected, we are part of the same universe. A strong highlight comes from below, a black light that is almost illuminated by dark light hints at the destruction that looms, imminent. This destructive person inflicts himself with his own hands. While he shows us the elevation of nature, which is visible in its most idyllic sense, on the other, he wants to dwell on the shortcomings that each person has, the damage that everyone has done. Work here is a ship inside the exhibition. Looking for harmony with everything, looking for inner harmony", - curator Annaciara De Mayo.

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