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Abstract Colourist

Justa Rayego Seriñán


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Born in Villanueva de la Serena, Badajoz,


Justa Rayego is a contemporary, Spanish abstract artist who lives and works between Ciudad Real and Madrid. She began her education at the Cáceres School of Art and has continued to expand her knowledge and skills throughout her career. Her interest in experimenting has led her to disciplines as varied as printmaking, painting, sculpture, and photography.

Her distinctive personal style integrates a wide range of materials and techniques and is characterized using contrasting colors and bold compositions that combine geometric shapes.

I have always tried to communicate with others through images, vibrant colors and sensitive concepts. And my way of doing this is through abstractions formed by fields of intense colors, gestural strokes or volumes with organic geometries, which communicate with the viewer by attracting his attention to enjoy the vitality of the work and color. At present, I intend to reach a point beyond, so that the fragmented image of the viewer becomes an accomplice by joining the work through colored mirrors integrated into the chromatic scale of the same (inside & outside). My sources of inspiration have always been, the intensity of Giacometti, the colour and geometry of Paul Klee, the strength and energy of Picasso and the vital power of Sonia Delaunay, among a long list of Masters.

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