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Creatives Web Store

Get your own named Storefront

Sell up to 500 Products per store

Explore/Discover your creativity and get paid

Share your Store with the world

How it Works

You must first register for your New Storefront & you will also need to choose a Paid plan


Step  01


To start your journey your must first register for your New store and complete all areas of the registration form.

Step  02

Choose your Storefront payment plan

We have a range of options for Individual Creatives all the way up to Creative businesses.

During your registration process, you will need to choose a paid plan, or your registration cannot be progressed !

Step  03

Await approval of your Application

Before your New store is fully activated there are a few more steps.

  • Get your application Approved

  • Send information to aid your store design

  • Add your products

  • Get your live Store link

  • Publish your Storefront

  • Share the URL with all your community

Step  04

Complete our "Store Design" form

As part of our introduction into the world of Creative Storefronts, we are pleased to announce that..."YOU" our new Vendor and hopefully long-time customer can now choose whether you prefer a Light or a Dark background to your New Storefront.


Don't worry... we do all the work for you as part of your chosen Payment plan!

All you have to do is "Complete Our Design Form" and include the requested images / files and we use your information to build your new store, similar layout design to the above two sample images.


Step  05

Login to the Admin area of your new Store

You don't have to be a full represented creative to get your own Store account.

When you first log into your New Store/Admin area...Please take some time to check that all your account information is correct, especially your Contact details and add any missing elements like your PayPal email address etc...

Step  06

Add products to your Store

Now begin to add your products:

  • Title of Product

  • Product Code/SKU

  • Price($)

  • Product Type

  • Weight ( )

  • Choose which collections the product appears in

  • Description

  • Image/s for your product

  • Any additional information

Add your Products

Step  07

Review all areas of your Store

Before you launch your Store:

  1. Have you added your PayPal email?

  2. Did you know that commission on your sales is 30% on all product sales?

  3. Are your contact details correct?

  4. Are you on the correct plan....Check how many products can you add to your store


In order for you to get must request payment and we will deduct any fees or commissions from your the total, before we send you the balance amount !!

Step  08

Launch & Share your Store

  • Use the URL link we send you to view and share your store with the world

  • Have you given us your Facebook page info

  • Have you given us your Twitter page info

  • Have you given us your LinkedIn page info

  • Have you given us your Instagram page info

  • Have you given us your Pinterest page info

  • Do you have other social media profiles?  Have you sent us all your social media info?

Social network concept
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube
  • TikTok
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