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Create your first advert with us and help more customers choose your business

Advertising with the Linicomn Richardson you'll find the benefit of joining with us.

Our ever-increasing network of creatives, buyers and Art Lovers for around the globe is now available to you as our "Valued Advertiser".

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Help bring about change to the artworld as a whole !


Grow - Your Customers...

Grow - Your brand also!


Step 1

Tell us about your Goals?

  • To get calls from new/potential customers on the phone, in order to book appointments, schedule a job, or close a deal.

  • To get more store visits if you own a physical location that relies on foot traffic.

  • To get leads and/or introduce/grow your brand to a new audience

  • Or to get people to take action on your website if you want people to shop on your online store, sign up for your mailing list, or fill out a form.

Step 2

Decide where to advertise...

Our Website platform advertising format is simple.  We use a flat rate for our Logo / Box or Tower adverts.  Go to the Advertising Plans page for more details.

Image by Austin Chan
Wedding website

Step 3

Link your Website Url

Simply give us your Website, Blog or Social Media platform URL and we will turn your Logo / Box or Tower image into a Clickable link to your preferred site/area.

Step 4

Set your budget

It is easy to plan and budget using our Advertising types.  All you have to do is choose your preferred Advertising plan and pay your subscription.  Each plan will continue until cancelled, so you are in control of how many months you wish to subscribe for.

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Step 5

Go Live...

It is time to launch your Advertising campaign to the world.

We do a lot of the work for you behind the scenes, we share with our social and business network.

However, you can help spread the word too, amoung your contact list and social media circles

You should not expect overnight results as we use a "WHITE HAT" approach to our advertising...Meaning that, we do our messaging and sharing manually, to ensure that you do not receive any negative press or bad results from your advertising campaign with us. 

It's true that "The White Hat method" is slower,  but we only ever receive positive results as a result.

Welcome New Advertiser

Thank you for your interest in advertising with Linicomn Richardson - International Arts Agency.

We will do our best to ensure that we offer you our best service.


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