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Caring for your Work



Steps to follow:


Step 1

Remember, you should not place anything on surface of the painting, because watercolour paintings are not varnished and therefore do not have the protection from moisture and stains, that other mediums have.

Step 2

Try not to touch you work, because the natural oils from your fingers can leave marks on the work.

Step 3

Unlike other forms of art creations, All Drawings & Watercolour paintings should be framed behind glass, UV protective & non-reflective glass is recommended. Always have a space between the drawing or watercolour and the glass, they should never be right up against each other. To ensure that there is a space between the work and the glass a Mount / Mat will give you the space you need between the surface of the work and the glass.

Step 4

We recommend using acid free material when framing your work, and we include both the Mount/Mat and even the backing board in this recommendation.

Step 5

This might seem like an obvious thing, but you should NEVER…

· Place your framed work in direct sunlight, as this will fade the work in time.

· Place your work in a bathroom or Kitchen, as both of these locations can cause irreparable damage to your work

ie: Damp can cause watermarks or spotting / Greasy environment can at best damage a frame and at worst penetrate the watercolour paper and break it down and eat away the actual watercolour paintwork itself.

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