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Ese Metitiri

Graphic Illustrator


Ese Edith Metitiri was born in Kitchener, Ontario Canada in 1971.
Daughter of Nigerian immigrants who came to Canada on scholarship programs.  Her father is now a doctor in Biochemistry. Whilst her mother also a doctor was a graduate of St. Mary's High School Kitchener.  

When Ese was 2 years old she left Canada with her parents returning back to Nigeria, West Africa, where she lived until her late teens. Throughout her childhood in Nigeria her father’s strong spiritual beliefs and guidance influenced Ese’s strong faith in God. 


When she was 20, she returned to Canada and travelled around the United States. In 2008, her travels finally took her to Long Island, New York, where, as she says…

”My walk with the God as a born-again believer really began after receiving full baptism of the Holy Sprite at a Holy Convocation, Long Island, NY.   However, my true journey with the Holy Spirit began. In 2021 during thew Covid-19 Lockdown, I became homeless while I was preaching the gospel of God.  I came under such heavy persecution, that l began to run from town to town to preach the gospel while remaining homeless.  

It was during this time that the Holy Spirit restored to me my gift of Art.  I began to draw again during the week wherever l could find shelter and that was how the birth of my Calligraphy Art began, in the heart of the biggest persecution l had ever experienced in my Christian walk with God.”  

Ese’s artwork is heavily inspired by her strong religious beliefs.  Although she is still an emerging talent, her work is fast becoming sought after and is currently selling well with like-minded people of faith!

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