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Abstract figurative artist

Eric Zilverberg


An artist never retires, an artist you are with heart and soul, all your life

Many people know the now 80-year-old Amsterdam artist Eric Zilverberg of Gallery Zilver on the Prinsengracht, under the Westertoren in the heart of Amsterdam. For years it was the ideal workplace and exhibition space where, of course, clearly visible the necessary paint blobs remained on the floor that tell the story of his life and works.

For Eric, art must have a soul, it must roam through his mind like a gypsy and arise from the heart. This applies to both the paintings and the bronze sculptures that Eric makes. The emotional charge is therefore a characteristic that is repeatedly expressed in the works of Eric.

After Galerie Zilver in Amsterdam ended, Eric chose for a while to release his mind and travel like a gypsy after the sun, looking for new inspiration and challenges.  Since 1975 his work has been shown all over the world, he has exhibited in Belgium, France, Germany, Spain, America and Indonesia. Through all his travels, Eric's work has its own unique face, with his colourful view of the world as a landmark.

After many wanderings around the world, he is full of inspiration and back in the Netherlands. He still works on new paintings every day, is active on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube, works on a play and much more. And now that the open studio routes cannot continue due to the Corona virus, he organizes his own open studio days, in both Laren and Turnhout, to come together with art lovers and talk about art.  The artist has found a new place at Residentie Rosa Spier Huis in Laren where he lives, works and exhibits together with other artists, musicians and scientists.

His motto is: An artist never retires, you are an artist with heart and soul, all your life!

Under the name Atelier Zilver, Eric Zilverberg now works together with his son Mitja Zilverberg. You will find these art lovers in Laren (NL) and Turnhout (BE) but also at various international art presentations.

Assignments are also realized by Eric with great pleasure. Desired location, character, portrait or otherwise, is carried out in consultation as a painting or as a bronze statue.  Want to know more about the artist Eric Zilverberg? You are welcome at both the studio in the Rosa Spier House in Laren and at Atelier Zilver in Turnhout to see the artist in action or to come and see his work.

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