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Pop Artist



I'm EDPOP. An American POP ARTIST exploding my art career after a long stint as an advertising creative director. I build crazy houses, crazier motorcycles and generally believe there's not enough pure creativity in the world.

Lighten up people!

I work BIG... most of my works are on 4’ x 5’ canvases, a few are a little smaller, but they are still big. I got a bunch in the can and I do more every week or so. I know that working this large is a bit unusual but I don’t want to be like anyone else and if there’s one thing I learned in 35 years of advertising, “Make A Statement… or you’ll never get noticed.”

My goal as EDPOP is to create big POP ART pieces that make people feel a little amused, a little uneasy and who want to fill a whole wall with a statement piece. So if someone has the guts, and don't think that art should match furniture, then here we are.

It’s funny, years ago I did an award winning advertising campaign that used “Make a Statement’ as the tagline… ironically it was for furniture.  I still believe in making a statement, just not the furniture part.

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