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Dasha Pears_edited.jpg

Photorealist Photographer

Dasha Pears


Dasha Pears is an award-winning artist, based in Helsinki, Finland. Dasha works in a style that she calls "psychorealism". Her uncanny laconic and aesthetically clean art pieces are focused on portraying what might be going on in our inner worlds. Dasha makes emotions and psychological states tangible (or realistic), hence the term - "psychorealism". 

Dasha uses the instruments of surrealism, minimalism, color, photography, and digital manipulation to tell surprising visual stories with a twist. In her stories, she speaks about deepest psychological matters, bringing things that are usually considered unpretty to light, making them shine with different colors and aesthetically appealing. This way Dasha's art gives viewers a chance to be at peace with themselves, providing an almost physically soothing effect on the human psyche.  

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