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Working together !

It is often said that, there are strength in numbers.

If this is so then we must indeed be growing in strength as our numbers grow daily!

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Our Origins

From the first days of Eula, George & Stacy beginning this journey in Texas, this idea has out-grown the state and spread into the Internationally recognised business that it is today.

Our Plan

Our plan is simple...
Give the power back to the Creatives, the Artists, Photographers, Designers, Mark Makers, Crafters and the empower the powerless !

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Our Community

In the movie with Kevin Costner...The saying was "Build it and they will come!

For us we are living proof that this is so..
in less than 2 years we have grown from a group of individual artists struggling to showcase our work within a harsh & often unforgiving Industry. To the International Arts community network, it is today, which is currently more than 2000 creatives strong.

What Our Artist's Say...

"After speaking with George Linicomn...and the sky opened and this wonderful voice said..."come in!"
Before the ink was dry on my contract, a painting of mine had been given to my first client for approval... and it sold for what is now the highest price paid for a piece of art through the use of Cryptocurrency."

Welby Thomas Cox Jr.

"If you have any questions, Mr. Linicomn is always more than happy to answer those questions. The art work I have submitted for display on the website have been posted the same day or the very next day.


The service received from Mr. Linicomn is always very very quick and easy with absolutely no problems. I would definitely recommend doing business with him if you ever get the chance to do so!"
Rob Wissink

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