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Claudia Godoy.jpg

Figurative Sculptor

Claudia Godoy


Claudia was born in the 1970s, in the province of São Paulo in Brazil. She graduated in Dramatic Art, Interior Design and Literature. Despite her training and artistic inclination, she worked in the international trade fair sector for 22 years, building a successful career.

Then in 2016 the turning point. She decides to sell her company and take a sabbatical; travels for over 6 months in Asia visiting 13 countries. The same year she chooses Florence as a home for her and her family, and here she rediscovers her true passion for art and above all for sculpture.

She develops her technique in The Florence Studio of Fine Art and Florence Academy of Art.

Claudia considers art as life, fluid and in constant motion: a dimension in which you must always learn and never stop.

She finds her expressive realm in the female universe, portraying different perspectives and sides of ordinary women, through the faces and stories of women, sometimes mythological, sometimes real.

“We are all a little bit Marià, Marta or Berenice” she says, "... and it's not just about aesthetics, but about the message that each of my works carries with it."

And it is precisely the theme of female empowerment that Claudia intends to investigate further with the aim of presenting female emancipation through her art.  This is how her sculptures associate not only a face but also an identity to elements such as the sun, water, moon, and earth, all depicted as women; as well as the different facets of femininity, illustrating power, importance, joy, and beauty.


Recently Claudia has also worked on extremely relevant issues through her works "Frida" and "Medusa" that challenge the patriarchal notions of reality.

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