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We help make your Dreams a reality!

So that, you can live your best Artists' Life

Allowing you, to live your best Artists' Life

As artists and creatives we all have "Dreams, Goals and aspirations which we want to acheive in our lifetimes, whether it is making a sale, getting a project completed to the best of your ability or artistic imortality...


At the Linicomn Richardson International Arts Agency we have a combined knowledge of almost 100 years of experience in creating, selling, promoting and marketing artworks and visual art creations, so to say that our founders George, Statcy Eula and the team do not know what we are talking about is light years from being true.


This does not have to be difficult, all you need is some help from the right source to set you upon the correct pathway.  The L/R team can be that source for you if let us.


Yes, like everything in life our services do cost money, but ask yourself if you have an illness do you not go out and buy medicine, if you are hungry do you not buy food?  Then why would it seem so strange to pay for the experience you can get from our team?

There is an old saying in the Finance world, which applies here... "You must speculate to accumulate".  

What does this mean?  Simply put, you need to spend money to get a return on your investment.

We understand that, if you are new to the Art world or you have used a paid art agency service before and it led to nothing, then you can approach our services with some scepticism, but we have had years of artists telling us this and this is why you can buy one of our starter memberships plans today.  These starter plans are heavily discounted to give you an opportunity to try our services and allow us to prove ourselves to you, before you upgrade to a full agency representation package.

REVIEW one of our membership plans by clicking the button below now:

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My process for making art is called Collective Art. It's art that's publicly displayed in order that the public participates directly on the pieces, subsequently allowing the audience to become an important aspect of his creative process.


The concept for Collective art didn't mature until the early 2000's.


My decision to commit to only producing and showing Collective art led to combining his art with the development of his current global project called, rooted in social activism and technology.

 Hi there, I'm George Linicomn one of the founders of the Linicomn Richardson International Arts Agency.

I along with my cousin and my mom started this International Art agency a number of years ago and we have watched to grow steadily into what it is today.


Originally, we had only a dozen or so local artists, but today we have over 150+ artists and creatives from more than 55 countries around the world.


Here is a bit about me:-))

Like you I too am a creative, my specialism is Design and fashion primarily and together with Stacy my cousin and Eula my mom, we started this art business about 5 years ago.

My Background:

I was born in Los Angeles, California in 1972 and completed a degree in Fashion & Design in Arlington, Texas, USA.

I exhibited my artwork in the Dallas, Fort Worth area and internationally.

Shortly after graduating from fashion college, whilst there I obtained a U.S. patent for his original jean design called Woven Jeans in 2002.


Woven jeans were written about in Womens Wear Daily and a full-page article on my life as a artist and designer became a feature in the Dallas Morning News in 2002, after which it caught the attention of Haggar Clothing Co. In Fort Worth, Texas.

Around this time I also was interested in "Collective art".  This was conceived and displayed for the first time in 1994 at a solo show held at the Texas Commerce Tower in Dallas.

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