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Nina Enger is a contemporary self-trained artist based in Norway, whose paintings have been exhibited nationally, as well as in Luxembourg, Italy, Spain, France and Monaco. Her dramatic expressions reflect the wild and unpredictable nature of life. She is inspired by nature and her work attempts to visualise how one form continuously changes to give rise to another form.

Thoughts behave like Clouds. Holding on to them creates a very different result than letting them pass. When one colour blends naturally into another and the emerging painting captures the essence of this ongoing transformation she experiences a sense of peaceful completion.

The creative process is intense, the result often dramatic and the generated feeling extremely liberating.  She lives and works in Oslo.

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2023: PAKS Gallery, Cannes Film Festival, Art Exhibition, 19-21.05.2023
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Past Events

Van Gogh Gallery, Madrid, Spain - February 2022
Arteom Gallery, Milano, Italy - October 2021
Luxembourg Art Fair,  Luxembourg, 27-29.09.2020
Bogstad Gård, Norway
CC Vest in Oslo, Norway
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