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Argeo Mondragón.png

Mexican illustrator and muralist

Argeo Mondragón


Argeo Mondragón was born in Mexico City in 1986

In 2016-2017 and 2019-2020 he received the FONCA Young Creators scholarship.

He studied Design at UNAM; In 2015 he joined the Master of Visual Arts at UNAM and received the research-production grant. & a diploma with Milo Manara.

He has exhibited in CDMX at the Image Center, Carrillo Gill, MUCA, National Numismatic Museum, CC186 Gallery, Luis Nishisawa Gallery, GAMA Gallery. CEART of San Luís Potosí. Bebeleche de Durango and at the Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts in San Francisco, California, USA.  World festivals such as Art Basel Miami 2014, Concreto Brasil 2017, Up Fest Bristol 2015, C.A.L.L.E. and Pinta Malasaña in Madrid in 2016 (winning second place), Festival Revueltas Durango 2018, he developed the Architectural Novel project in the Radio UNAM building.

He was selected first place in the UNAM university painting competition and reached the Top 10 in the Juxtapoz High Art competition. He has worked as an artist for Nike among other companies. He is currently the official muralist of the Tlalpan Mayor’s Office within the framework of crime prevention.

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