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Abstract figurative artist

Anna Briukhovetska


It has always been my aspiration to discover myself in creativity. After graduating from a Law University I decided to study the classical drawing, painting, interior design. When the war in the eastern region of Ukraine started in 2014 my family moved to Odessa. Everything changed in my life. But all these changes and difficulties gave an impetus to realise dream of my life - to become an artist. My feelings transformed into colour, my emotions into contrasts.
The main idea of my creativity is to show through my paintings all the beauty and goodness of life and nature.
I use bright colours and contrasts in my works. In portraits I always focus on the look, which should show the emotions and character of painting.  Women on my canvases are primarily emotion. Behind their external beauty there is always a storm of feelings, a character, a story that makes each of my portraits unique.  


Studied drawing and design at Donetsk branch of Kyiv Culture University in 2012-2014.

  • Completed a course of 3D interior design in 2013 in Donetsk.

  • Completed courses of academic drawing and painting in 2016-2017 in Odessa.

  • Completed courses of Fashion illustration in 2017 in Odessa.

  • Took private tuition in pictorial art in 2018.

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