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Cubist design painter


Amit Singh Slathia 2_edited.jpg

Amit Singh Slathia

Born in Gurugram, India in 1981

He is a well-established Indian artist, hailing from the picturesque valley of Malhori Jageer in Jammu.  His Inception into the urban ways of life was a turbulent one. It brought with it the urgency to fit in and comprehend the conceptual differences of these starkly dissimilar worlds. His art also evolved with this shift. From the beginning, his technique was to create an Inherent detachment to his surroundings, so that he could handle his subjects like puppets.

Amit Singh believes that one can replace the notion of spiritual enlightenment with that of Informational enlightenment. The world today is information saturated. To attain wisdom, one does meditation under the proverbial tree – in Amit Singh’s imagination, this is the tree of information which is exemplified by the dish antenna symbol in his works. 

Artistic research is a continuous phenomenon nowadays and Amit Singh has been working on the idea of displacement in response to his experiences in the strife-ridden areas of J&K. Being an artist, he continually watches his patterns of thoughts that swings between the real and the surreal world. He enjoys being spontaneous and sensitive towards the ever-changing dynamics of this world.

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