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Artist Painting in Studio

Facilitating Artists to Grow

With professional advice & guidance

Exclusive Services

It is true that nowadays there are as many Art marketeers as there are "Artists" in the world.  However, not all of these so called art professionals/art promoters have the best interests of the Artists, as their focus is on the profit margins and "NOT" on the actual creative communities.

Our Exclusive services are solely aimed at the Creative not the profits which we can get from these creatives.

We say Creatives rather than Artists, as we feel that, Artists is too small a word to use to describe the range of talented members we represent.


We offer a range of introductory and paid membership plans.

You can choose from a Art beginner level up to full art representation, which in itself include a wide range of features and benefits.


Online representation & promotions

As a Linicomn Richardson Art Member or Premium level member you will always receive the best service we can offer and one of the benefits is that you instantly gain access to our ever increasing global network, to help you promote and market your creations.


Advisory Service

All artists get to our experienced staff who are available to answer most, but perhaps not all the questions which come up:-))

We have many years experience in the visual & creative arts, because we mostly have artistic backgrounds.  So, when we say we know what an artist feels about something, we are speaking from experience and when we offer advice, it is because we really do know what we are talking about!


Marketing Services

Our team of innovators are constantly coming up with new ways of helping artists to promote themselves and their art creations both on and offline, here are just a few ways we do this:

  • Via the website Art members profile pages

  • Via our sales portal

  • Through our social media pages

  • With media like...News clips, magazines, videos, Interviews, Blogs hook-ups with other Art sites

  • Each year we create a professional picture-book style Catalogue raisonné which we sell to the public and distribute FREE to a select number of International Art Galleries and private collectors, this helps all of our Art members gain a notable presence within the Global Arts Industry and places their talents directly under the noses of the "Art Lovers" around our planet!


Investor  Services

Our team works closely with investors and heads of Investment companies around the world to help to grow the Art Sales as a "Safe" yet reliable source of future income and growth for their clients.


In the current volatile climate we live in where even daily food & electric costs are higher than they have ever been....there are still people with money to invest, but they have questions like:

  • Should we simply keep it in a savings account, because its safe there from scammers?

  • Where could we invest to get a higher return on our investment?

  • We don't have millions to invest, where can we invest small and grow as our investments grow?

  • Is there even a safe place to invest?

This is where our team come in....Like knights on white steeds!

We answer all these investor questions with one word "ART"

Art is a virtually untapped market and its growth potential is off the charts.  The best of all is unlike other forms of monetary investment, when you buy a piece of Art, it is much more than an investment, it is decoration for your home or office, it is tangible proof of your monetary investment and you can simply earn whilst you enjoy viewing the work and when you wish to sell, assuming you have bought the correct piece, your initial investment usually guaranteed to give you a break even at least and generally up to 20% increase in profit on your original investment.


Let's Work Together

Whether you are an artist or investor, we have the skills and staff to help you.

Why put off till tomorrow, when we can start you on  your journey today!

Send us a message !

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