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Adrià Gil_edited.jpg

Adrià Gil

Sound & Vision Multi Media Creative

I am a new media artist working with sound, image and code. We all have an internal dialogue that we constantly develop as we communicate and contrast it with others. In our inner freedom we build identities, acquire tastes and celebrate events. We founded our own countries and states with our own character. In mine we speak with music, image, code and art is the manifestation of life. I choose music because it is responsible for the maximum human pleasure, it makes me happy and does not make any harm. Also because it is very primitive and very unusual, like a drug that doesn't kill you.

I choose the image because of the need to hold my footprint to give proof of my existence in this particular reality. I work with portraits because, like fire, they hypnotize me with their expression and lead me to create unique fictional identities that create new realities...I can't help but imagine the lives of those people, who make me happy and sadden me. I choose code because creation through electrical impulses has conditioned my conception of artistic practice.  I was born at the time of these and they are the source and objective of my creations.


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