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At Linicomn Richardson - International Art Agency, we make it easy for our artists to submit their information & artwork. Our goal is to use our ever-increasing network to best effect and achieve sales for the Art Members we represent. International

What we offer "YOU" the Vendor!

As a Linicomn Richardson vendor you'll immediately receive gallery representation and we'll begin displaying your unique artwork on our website, introducing your work to our network and established art collectors from around the world. and would love for you to have an opportunity to participate in such exhibitions.
We're a relatively new organization attracting international artist excited about the possibilities of establishing real change within the artworld. Together, we'll be developing a digital catalogue featuring all creatives, and with your participation we'll enable all talented, but undervalued artist an opportunity co-creates a global infrastructure that establishes an international collective for all artists. We’ll never require any exclusive rights to you or your work. 
Yes, you may find and sign up to online platforms which are completely free, but at what cost?
You will quickly find that; they make people the product by selling your data.
We have created a membership-based program so that artist not only retain their freedom to create their creations, but also enjoy the benefits mentioned below that makes our membership special.
Become the change you want to see in the artworld and join us!
We look forward to knowing more about you and your work soon.

Enjoy the benefits:

Easy as - 1, 2, 3,4


Please choose a plan, either Monthly or Yearly options are available.


Please complete our online Registration, choose a Monthly, Half-yearly or Yearly membership Plan and submit your form for review.


Our team do the hard work and design the Mini-site for you, but we need your help to do this.

Please complete the Design Form giving us your preferred colours, Fonts etc.....


We will create your external login for you with a temporary password and using the data you have sent to us.  However, it is your responsibility to check that all the date has been entered correctly and if not, correct it before you reset your password.

After your password reset, you can login again and begin adding your products to your store.

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